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 Are you suffering with Sciatica pain?

We understand how awful your sciatica pain can be. But we have great news for you: You don’t have to live with that pain any longer.

When you eliminate pain from your life, you’re better able to experience healthy living. And when you’re healthy, you’ll also experience better weight management, you’ll have more energy, less risk of disease, greater longevity, and an improved mood and mental outlook.

Just imagine how finally getting rid of your sciatica pain will improve your life in every way!

What is Causing Your Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica involves irritation or pain from the lower back and glutes down through your leg and possibly even into your foot. Sciatica is actually a set of symptoms, rather than a diagnosis, and can include pain, tingling, weakness, numbness, and difficulty moving.

Sciatica occurs when your sciatic nerve is being compressed by another spinal structure, usually causing pain in the lower back, on one side of the rear and/or down the back of the leg. It usually occurs on one side of the body, and its effects can range from mildly annoying to excruciating

How We can Help You

 Sciatica could be the result of disc herniation, disc disease, or lumbar subluxation – all of which have to do with spinal misalignment, and the way this puts undue pressure on your nerves.

 Any time your spine is out of alignment, it can cause problems throughout your body and in ways you never would have imagined. Chiropractic care seeks to find solutions to this problem, whereas medication merely attempts to mask the problem.

This is especially important, because even if your pain is lessened with medication, the problem persists. And this can result in serious complications anywhere in your body.

Furthermore, surgery should always be viewed as a last resort, as there are serious risks involved with any surgery.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Arnold Schwartzenager is among those who routinely seek chiropractic care, calling chiropractors, “miracle workers.

Natural health expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, says about chiropractic care, “Many will only consider chiropractic when they have back or neck pain, but its scope actually goes far beyond that.”

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Dr. Baker – Your Royse City & Rockwall Chiropractor

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